We adhere to the integrity of business ethics, customers, suppliers are using the word integrity. Company management highlight the faith, hope we work to bring you the most business value.
(1) Spot supply services
      Able to provide the most accurate information on the spot, including the manufacturer, date of manufacture, price, RoHS standards, packaging information, and arrival date.
(2) "one-stop independent distributors" to provide a wide range of procurement services, including:
      Tape Services, functional testing services components, drying and vacuum packaging services, alternative referral services, logistics services.
(3) value-added services, including:
      Stocking, Chinese market purchasing.
      WalkingTek promised customers 365 days quality guarantee period, during this period, customers on the sale of any goods, if quality problems in doubt, be sure to follow our RMA Procedures to ensure that we can provide you with the most timely solution.